Zero Waste

 Reusable steel cups and wooden name tags.


Hosting a zero waste event is possible, even for a conference with hundreds of attendees and several days of activities. In striving to produce zero waste events, organizers can serve as leaders in a global shift toward a culture of sustainability, while preventing marine debris and inspiring attendees and vendors to continue this practice.


Any reduction in the amount of waste landfilled is a step in the right direction. Therefore, the 6IMDC zero waste goals were to:

  • •   Compost, recycle, and encourage the use of reusable items. Notably, the 6IMDC had reusable wooden name-tags. Please click here to learn more about how to create your own wooden name tags.
  • •   Significantly reduce the need for single-use items by ensuring reusable items were available to conference participants, as well as limiting the use of single-use items behind the scenes.
  • •   Raise awareness among conference participants and the venue staff regarding zero waste initiatives.
  • •   Inspire similar efforts at future conferences and meetings.


Please review the 6IMDC Team’s Zero Waste Planning Guide for Large-scale Events and/or Conferences document to learn more about zero waste initiatives and lessons learned from the 6IMDC.