Youth Engagement


In San Diego, engaging the city’s youth is one of the many ways the community works to address marine debris. San Diego public school students are involved in marine debris mitigation on many levels, ranging from participating in local shoreline cleanups to learning about marine debris science in the classroom. To acknowledge the contributions to the fight against marine debris by San Diego youth, demonstrate the career possibilities available to these environmentally-minded students, and to foster the next generation of marine debris stewards, the 6IMDC team is proud to work with local schools to engage these students in the 6IMDC.


Student Artwork

Addressing marine debris can take many forms, one of which is awareness and education through art. San Diego students showcased their marine debris art in the Matters of the Ocean Art Gallery.


Student Reporters

The San Diego Unified School District selected two students to attend the 6IMDC as media personnel during this time. By attending an afternoon of the 6IMDC and interviewing experts, these students will experience what it’s like at a scientific conference, the diversity of marine debris careers available to them, and gain journalistic experience.


San Diego Youth at Movie Night

A limited number of marine debris students from the San Diego Unified School District and their families will be joining us. These students dedicate time and effort to learning about and addressing marine debris, and so are here to experience the marine debris films available at the 6IMDC.


Thank You!

The Ocean Discovery Institute, a local non-profit focusing on marine education, is hosting hundreds of urban students during the time surrounding the 6IMDC. These students are engaging in marine science and working to remove marine debris. To thank them for their efforts, the 6IMDC team will be putting together a thank you video during the conference to send to the students, acknowledging their effort and encouraging their pursuit of this important topic.