6IMDC Technical Session Guidance

Before the Conference

Publicize the conference in your professional circles.
Recruit a volunteer to take notes during your session.
Review abstracts for your session, rank them by priority, and send any other necessary feedback concerning ranking priority to the 6IMDC conference point of contact at info@6IMDC.org. Final selection determined by 6IMDC committee.


During the Conference

Provide computer for presentations at your session.
Coordinate with speakers to receive presentations ahead of time.
Arrive early in the room. Ensure all presentations are loaded and all speakers are physically present at the session.
Familiarize yourself with the AV setup.
Introduce the session and any specific conference rules that audience members should know.
Introduce each speaker and the title of the next talk.
Manage time appropriately. This will involve giving the speaker notice when five minutes are remaining, and ending the presentation if the speaker does not finish within the time-slot.
Field questions from the audience for the speakers.
Estimate the audience size for each speaker, and note the amount of audience participation.
Ensure adequate notes are taken during the session.


After the Conference

Submit session summary form to info@6IMDC.org.
Email a copy of the speaker presentations to info@6IMDC.org.