Monday, 10-12, Room 301: Welcome Ceremony and Opening Plenary

10:00-10:05Opening AnnouncementModerator Sori Moon
10:05-10:25Welcome Message 1

Welcome Message 2

Welcome Message 3

Cho Seung-hwan, ROK MOF Minister

Park Heong-Joon, ROK Busan City Mayor

10:25-10:35NOAA Welcome RemarksVideo message by Dr. Richard W. Spinrad, United States
Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator
10:35-10:45IMO Congratulatory RemarksVideo message by Kitack Lim, Secretary-General, International Maritime Organization (IMO)
10:45-10:55Celebrity Message 1

Celebrity Message 2
Message from K-POP group, Stray Kids (video message)

Message from Korean actress, Jin Hee Park (in person)
10:55-11:10Keynote AddressKristal Ambrose, Bahamas Plastic Movement
11:10-11:20Commemorative Photo/Stage changing
11:20-12:25Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Plastic Pollution and Marine Debris
Moderator: Tessa Goverse, UNEP
1) Ms Maria Angela O. Ponce, Head of Delegation, Maritime and Oceans Affairs Assistant Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines
2) Ms. Nanette Laure, Director General of the Waste Enforcement and Permit Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment of the Seychelles
3) Christopher Corbin, Coordinator of the Secretariat of the Cartagena Convention, Caribbean Environment Programme
4) Raelene Martine, Head of Sustainability, International Chamber of Commerce (online)
12:25-12:30Plenary ClosingModerator Sori Moon

Wednesday, 11-12, Room 301: 7IMDC Marine debris science and research panel

This plenary session focused on the science and research of marine debris and feature a diverse panel of experts from different global regions. The panel discussed recent critical research findings and advancements in marine debris science and understanding, as well as shared opinions on priorities for future research.

Panel Moderator: Ms. Nancy Wallace, Director of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program


1) Dr. Won Joon Shim, of Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology

2) Ms. Daniela Honorato-Zimmer, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile

3) Dr. Bethanie Carney-Almroth, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

4) Dr. Eric Okuku, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute

The panel was soliciting audience questions that 7IMDC attendees voted on to be addressed during the session.

Friday, 10-12, Room 301: Closing Plenary

10:00~10:05Opening announcementModerator Sori Moon
10:05~10:20Keynote addressKitack Lim, Secretary-General, International Maritime Organization (IMO)
10:20~11:40Industrial Dialogue1) Martyn Tickner, Chief Advisor of Alliance to End Plastic Waste
2) Rosa Pritchard, ClientEarth
3) Melisa Lim, Programme Management Officer, Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm Conventions
4) Stewart Harris, Senior Director for Global Plastics Policy, American Chemical Society
5) Ms. Dharshani Lahandapura, Chairperson, Marine Environment Protection Authority
11:40~11:507IMDC summaryTessa Goverse, UNEP
11:50~12:00Closing RemarksSong, Sang-Keun, ROK MOF Vice Minister