6IMDC Attendees


The 6IMDC brought together more than 700 participants from 54 countries around the world, representing policy and decision makers, multinational agencies, coastal and ocean resource managers, waste management representatives, scientists, planners, academics, public sector groups, private industry, academia, and civil society. With attendees traveling from around the globe, the 6IMDC facilitated connections and transcended geographic boundaries, bringing the marine debris community together.


54 Countries Represented

Australia Greece New Zealand South Korea
Bahamas Grenada Nigeria Spain
Belgium Hong Kong Norway Sri Lanka
Bermuda Iceland Pakistan Sweden
Brazil India Panama Switzerland
Canada Indonesia Philippines Taiwan
Chile Ireland Portugal Thailand
China Israel Russia Turkey
Cyprus Italy Samoa United Kingdom
Denmark Jamaica Saudi Arabia United States of America
Finland Japan Seychelles Uruguay
France Kenya Slovenia Vietnam
Germany Mexico South Africa Virgin Islands- USA Territory
Ghana Netherlands