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Matters of the Ocean Art Gallery

Terrazza Ballroom and other venue locations
Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM | Friday, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Evening Reception: Thursday, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Matters of the Ocean brought together professional and student artists in discussion of the world’s shared waters. The collection of works raises awareness about ocean pollution and creates a space in which to immerse conference participants in an emotional, visceral understanding of the depth of marine debris’ impact. Each of the artists’ work addresses matters of the ocean while providing space for each artist to take these matters into their own hands and inspire change in others.


Featured Artists:

  • •   Mary Babcock, USA
  • •   Mandy Barker, UK
  • •   Jana Cruder and Matthew LaPenta, USA
  • •   Mark Cunningham, USA
  • •   Tess Felix, USA
  • •   Janeanne Gilchrist, Scotland
  • •   Guerrilla Plastic Movement/Pippip Ferner and Christine Istad, Norway
  • •   Fran Miller, Australia
  • •   Tuula Narhinen, Finland
  • •   Katie Peck, USA
  • •   Jim Swaim, USA
  • •   Jerry Takigawa, USA
  • •   Sondra Weiss, USA


Gallery Organizer: 

Kathryn Peck (USA)
Katie recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chapman University in Orange County, CA. Her recent work focuses on visualization of ocean plastic pollution. Through beach cleanups and collaboration with scientists, she has created sculptures that combine real data with debris. The goal of her work is to educate viewers on objects found on the coastline and how to make lifestyle changes to prevent marine debris.


Funding for the 6IMDC Matters of the Ocean art gallery has been provided by the Johnson Ohana Foundation, founded by Kim and Jack Johnson to support environmental, art, and music education.



Opening Night Reception

Monday, March 12th, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

The opening night reception kick-started the week’s events and offer a forum for networking for participants. The opening night reception highlighted winners from the Clean Seas campaign’s Marine Litter Innovation Challenge and Photo Competition. Appetizers and drinks will be provided. Please bring your 6IMDC steel cup!



6IMDC Movie Night

Thursday, March 15 | 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


 The San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival has provided marine debris films from their traveling program. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Please bring your 6IMDC steel cup!


@415Plumber’s #OB_Plastic Obsession Jeff den Breeder (USA) | 7 min
Grabbing a few rays at the beach could get you stuck by a used needle, though it rarely leads to a lifelong environmental preoccupation. But that’s what happened to Aaron, a plumber who now spends a couple of hours a day scouring San Francisco’s Ocean Beach for plastic-dolls’ arms, key rings, animals and soldiers. He works alone, enjoying the meditative silence.


Ain’t No Fish Tom Gasek & Miki Cash (USA) | 4 min
A short stop motion animated film featuring a bunch of hungry Arctic seals singing along to the music and lyrics of Sigman and Russell as performed by Hoagy Carmichael. It’s an ‘easy-golucky’ song about fishing and why ‘Some Days There Just Ain’t No Fish’. As the animated seals sing along to the show tune it’s slowly revealed in the background why there ‘Ain’t No Fish.’ Despite the upbeat attitude of the seals the garbage and oil industry that pervades the sea provides the answer.


Gloop Michael Woodruff & Gaby Bastyra (UK) | 4min
Award winning film “Gloop” is a dark fairytale that follows the meteoric rise of plastic from its inception in Leo’s gloomy laboratory 100 years ago. Told like a Brother’s Grimm fable, “Gloop” offers a poignant and lasting message about the price we pay for the convenience of plastic.


The Majestic Plastic Bag Jeremy Kanner (USA) | 4 min
This mockumentary, narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons, tracks the “migration”
of a plastic bag from a grocery store parking lot to the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in the
Pacific Ocean.


Plastic is Forever Dylan D’Haeze (USA) | 19 min | 2017 ENVIRONMENT AWARD
What happens when you throw plastic trash away? Dylan, a 13-year-old from the San Juan
Islands, follows plastic trash to where it ends up, and shows how kids can help make a
difference in a world that is increasingly dependent on plastic.


A Plastic Sea Justin Lewis & Michelle Stauffer (USA) | 12 min
In the Sargasso Sea and around Bermuda, fragments from the breakdown of plastics, especially
single-use plastics, are accumulating in sea life, and we are all responsible. The issue of the
impact of plastic in the oceans is gaining increasing attention and this film succinctly presents
the problems – and hints at a solution to reversing some of them.


Straws Linda Booker (USA) | 33 min
It is estimated that each day in the U.S. alone, up to 500 million plastic straws are used once and thrown away. Sound like a problem for the environment? This look at the history of straws and their impact on the environment will make you reconsider how you order your next drink.


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The 6IMDC team would also like to extend a special “thank you” to The Marine Mammal Center, Bureo, and the San Diego State University Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory for providing conference decor.