Abstract and Poster Submissions

The 6IMDC showcased 74 technical sessions and a poster night. These sessions allowed for over 400 oral presentations from around the world to be shared throughout the week, as well as 170 posters.
The 6IMDC Team categorized abstract and poster submissions under ten track areas, listed below. The 6IMDC Book of Abstracts contains the original abstract submissions from the 6IMDC oral and poster presenters. 
  1. Monitoring & Citizen Science
  2. Research & Microplastic/Microfibers
  3. Prevention
  4. Private Sector Collaboration, Technology, & Innovation
  5. Education & Communication
  6. Implementing Effective Law Regulations, & Policy
  7. Removal
  8. Single-Use Product Policies, Regulations, & Laws
  9. Derelict Fishing Gear
  10. Innovative Case Studies from Around the World


The 6IMDC team is pleased to announce that 92% of individuals who submitted abstracts were able to be included in the 6IMDC as oral presentations and poster sessions, aligning with the 6IMDC goal to prioritize diversity and inclusion throughout the conference.


The 6IMDC’s abstract/poster submission process was coordinated by the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI).  GCFI promotes the exchange of current information on the use and management of marine resources in the Gulf and Caribbean region and operates the Caribbean Regional Node of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter.