Zero Waste at the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference


An event is often considered zero waste if it diverts 90% or more of its non-hazardous waste from the landfill. Ultimately, any reduction in the amount of waste landfilled is a step in the right direction.


We are striving to be as close to a zero waste event as possible. Our goal is to significantly reduce conference-generated waste by:

  • •   limiting single-use items,
  • •   composting and donating excess food, and
  • •   recycling remaining materials.



To help us reach this goal, please:


Bring Reusable Items

Reduce the use of single-use items by bringing a personal water bottle and travel mug. Be sure to bring a pen and notepad as these items will not be distributed at the conference.


Connect with the Mobile App

Take advantage of our mobile application before and throughout the conference. This application will help reduce the number of programs printed, while still allowing easy access to important schedule information. A very limited number of programs will be printed and available for reference only at the registration table.


Compost & Recycle

Support our efforts to reduce waste by using the Resource Recovery Stations around the venue to compost and recycle. Be sure to pay close attention to signs and ask conference staff for help if you are unsure of where something belongs. Your careful attention is especially important for composting!


Opt Out of Services

Opt out of daily hotel cleaning services using the cards provided in each room. To refuse all services/replenishments use the Do Not Disturb sign. Coffee will be available in all hotel rooms, but please note that it will be served downstairs every morning.


As leaders in marine debris solutions, we must also lead in marine debris prevention by promoting sustainable practices. Thank YOU for being a leader and contributing to the Conference’s zero waste efforts!