Technical Topics

The 6IMDC will bring together international marine debris researchers, natural resource managers, policy makers, industry representatives, and the nongovernmental community. The impetus for this international marine debris conference is the pressing need to address and reduce the impacts of marine debris to vital natural resources, human health and safety, and the economy.
Objectives of this international conference include sharing lessons learned and best practices to reduce and prevent marine debris and its impacts; promoting international co-learning; exchanging innovative ideas such as market incentives and communication strategies; and sharing the latest research initiatives, methods, and results.


This conference is structured to be action, solution, and change-oriented. Sessions should consider the following themes: engaging the global community, implementing effective laws and regulations, private sector inclusion and investment, improving cross-sectoral partnerships and collaboration, research on microplastics and microfibers in marine environments, and best practices in information sharing.

We are soliciting sessions for a variety of marine debris-related topics including, but not limited to the following:


Microplastics & microfibers

Technology & innovation



Private sector collaboration


Education & communication

Implementing Effective Law, Regulations and Policy

Economics & financing

Citizen Science


Evaluation Criteria

Session proposals will be evaluated on technical merit; interest from the greater marine debris community; ability to engage scientists, policymakers, natural resource managers, and industry representatives; and the ability to show a breadth of engagement across disciplines. We are seeking high-quality submissions that are not skewed by sector representation or gender. We encourage innovative session proposal submissions from persons at all stages of their careers, interest, or engagement in the marine debris problem.


English is the official language of the conference. We encourage proposal submissions for sessions in English to ensure the session attains the broadest possible audience. However, proposals for sessions in other languages will be considered if the goal is to reach a target audience. Sessions may be combined at the organizers’ discretion if there is sufficient overlap in proposals. 

Proposal Submission

Proposals should be submitted by individuals prepared to serve as a session chair or co-chair. Chair and/or co-chair responsibilities will include supporting abstract review, moderating their session, and submitting a session summary afterwards to be included in the conference proceedings. Please review our technical sessions guidance for more information. 


Proposal submissions are now closed.
Contact info@6imdc.org with any problems or questions regarding proposal submission. Please include “6IMDC – SESSION PROPOSAL QUESTION” in the email subject line.