Poster Guidelines

Note: Conversation is encouraged at our poster session. This session provides an opportunity for extended discussion and networking. Actively invite people to visit your poster during the conference, use it as a meeting point.


Day of Poster Session Information

  • Poster Session Hours: Tuesday, March 13th, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Poster Session Location: Garden Pavilion
  • Perusing the Posters: Each poster has been assigned a number and will be grouped with other posters within the same track with a similar theme. Poster numbers will be displayed prominently on the posters. A list of posters will be published in the conference program book and this will assist conference attendees in finding a particular poster.

Poster Session Guidelines

Information on poster guidelines will be coming soon. Please keep an eye out for this correspondence. 
All Poster Presenters must be registered for the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference (6IMDC). To register for the event, visit the registration page on the 6IMDC website. Be sure to register as soon as possible as registration is limited and going quickly. Should circumstances prevent you from attending the conference, please arrange for a substitute to present your poster. 

Poster Suggestions and Tips

  • Please provide author’s names and contact information on the poster. This will allow people to follow up if they are interested in more information.
  • Keep content simple and provide a clear message. Please use an appropriate size font, so that it is legible 3 - 5 feet (~1 - 1.5 meters) from the poster board. Figures, tables, and diagrams should also be legible from this distance.
  • Consider putting a picture of yourself on the poster so people can identify you at the conference.
  • Consider your audience. Keep in mind the diverse mix of conference attendees, including people representing a variety of vocations (scientists, educators, industry, policy, students, etc.) and attendees coming from many countries.
  • To minimize waste, please consider business cards for follow up correspondence in lieu of printed poster handouts

Poster Set-up and Take-down

Each presenter should hang their poster before the session begins and promptly remove it at the end of the session. Poster presenters may not use audio-visual equipment as we cannot accommodate the space and logistical requirements for such equipment. The 6IMDC staff will be available for questions and assistance during the poster setup and take-down periods. More guidance will be provided closer to the event date.


Poster Printing

Please have your poster printed prior to arriving to the conference as the hotel facility does not have the capabilities to print large posters. If you would prefer to print your poster in San Diego, the following local businesses offer poster printing services:
3146 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110
2.4 miles from Hotel
+1 (858) 795-4197
Office Depot
909 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110
2.5 miles from Hotel
+1 (619) 297-2582
FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
3609 Midway Dr Suite B, San Diego, CA 92110
3.1 miles from Hotel
+1 (619) 523-2900

Additional Poster Resources:

Questions of concerns? Contact for more information.